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New moon this morning in Gemini (about 21 degrees Gemini).  This monthly cycle, when the sun and the moon are in the same space, in the same sign, is a time of new beginnings.  We plant our seeds at the new moon, harvest at the full moon (two weeks later) and then that thought-form begins to fade, making room for another round.

For me personally it’s a particularly potent new moon, being so close to a yearly “new moon” type energy that we all experience when the transiting Sun (that is, the sun in the sky NOW, not when you were born) crosses over the part of your natal horoscope called the “Ascendant” or “rising sign”.

If you know what all these keywords mean it’s easy to see why this is a yearly new beginning.

The sun is the life force.  In your natal chart it’s YOU – who you think of when you say “I, me, mine” – the Ego.  As a transiting body, it talks about energy, light, life force as well.

Your rising sign/Ascendant give us information about your personality.  Who OTHER people think about when they say “Diane” or “Bill” or “Imani”  It’s how we come across to people, our personality.  It’s also about our body.

So when the life force energy hits your ascendant (and spends approximately one month travelling through the part of the zodiac that corresponds to the first house in your natal horoscope it’s a great time to have your own personal new beginning energy.  What do you want to make of this next year of being you?  How do you want to change or enhance the way you look, act and come across to others.

I got a new hairdo the other night. Started working out with a personal trainer. Went yesterday to see a holistic doc.  I’m ready for some new beginnings!

For all of us the new moon is in Gemini.  Gemini is about communication. Socializing.  Ideas.  Zippiness!  It’s the sign that correlates with the 3rd house so it’s about our siblings.  Writing.  Neighbors. Day to day life. 

It’s a great time to start writing projects (see me plugging away here tonight?!).  To make those phone calls we’ve put off.  Catch up on email.  Text. Tweet. Blog.  Update your status on Facebook.

Or – write in my comments section! 🙂 – just sayin….

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