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Sundays are Spirituality Day here at Taking it to the Streets

I’ve been writing about the five core principles of Unity.

1. There is only presence and one power in the Universe and in my life

2. The Christ spirit lives within me

3. Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind

I’ll cover principles four and five in subsequent posts.

This third principle is ‘officially’ presented by Unity as “3) We create our life experiences through our way of thinking” but in the church I’ve been attending we reframe it as noted.

This principle is perhaps the most ‘new thought’ of all the Unity principles, making Unity stand out from other Christian-based denominations.  Unity was formed as part of the ‘new thought’ movement in the late 1880s.  The idea that our thoughts create or influence our reality is not a new one (see sources such as Plato and Shakespeare).

It wasn’t new to me, either.  My mom told us frequently “you become what you think about.”  My brother points out that “you actually become what you DO” – but I think the grandmother to action (who is the parent to one’s self) is thought.

What does this mean in my life?  That when I focus on problems what I get is —- more problems!  And when I focus on either solutions, or when I am unable to see any, focus instead of God’s good (which is what Emmet Fox advises in his tremendous pamphlet “The Golden Key“), then I get those results.

I personally don’t think this is some sort of woo-woo magic, as popularly presented in vehicles such as “The Secret”.  I think it’s more the lineage I presented, courtesy of my brother’s rewrite of our mom’s dictum:  Thoughts lead to actions which lead to habits which create our lives.

In addition I DO think there is another non-woo-woo explanation for why this principle is so powerful.  “Like attracts like.”  I was thinking of this yesterday when I was driving home from an outing I thought would be fun, which wasn’t very fun – I felt dumb for driving so far for a deadend.  I was frowning and not thinking cheery thoughts.  I pictured other drivers seeing me scowling, imagining that I was distressed about something which was actually important.  So I decided to just smile as I drove.  That’s it – just smile, the rest of the way home.

In the real world, I doubt other drivers noticed me at all.  But I noticed me, and my disposition was improved by the time I got home.

This is particularly powerful when used in prayer.  Rather than bossing God around or trying to stave off the worst, try imagining the best outcome for your loved one or yourself as you pray.  Add a dollop for gratitude for great results.

So, rather than say “Oh, please God, don’t let Caryn’s cancer come back, please protect her”, you might consider “Thank You, God, for Caryn’s radiant good health.  I see her strong, healthy, with a vibrant, strong immune system.  Thank You for her strength and health!”

Thoughts held in mind produce after their kind. What are YOU producing today?



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