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Sundays are Spiritual Day here at Taking it to the Streets

So Valentine’s Day was just a few weeks back and we all got a pretty good feel for the cultural zeitgeist concerning romance – cherubs, roses, heart-shaped everything.  The word “romance” conjures up a look and feel – different for all of us, but we’d all recognize the signposts (just like in another country you can usually figure out “exit” and “bathroom” even if you don’t speak the language).

So – how about spirituality?  Not religion (“Here is the church, here is the steeple…”) but spirituality.  For me, I conjure up imagery relating to peacefulness, nature, meditation – but the overarching feeling that comes up is peacefulness.

I was reflecting today after a particularly emotionally wrenching night last night that sometimes spirituality looks like kindness, compassion, depth, meditation, peacefulness, action, passion – all of that.  And sometimes – well, sometimes to quote my generation’s Poet Laureate “the only thing he knew how to do was to keep on keepin’ on.”

I’m a bit “Tangled Up in Blue” (with that same nod to Bob) today and I was thinking – hmm, time to blog, sposed to be on spirituality – maybe I’ll just sit out this dance.

But it struck me that perhaps YOU have days like this, too.  Days when you feel empty, deflated, rejected, beat up and sad.  So where is God on those days?

For me God showed up as my friend Trish – calling me right off this morning to see how I was doing after last night’s encounter with cruelty.  then God showed up as a day of quietly attending to my own life after putting it on hold for four months – clean sheets and a full refrigerator bring one closer to God than I heretofore might have assumed.

Trish had told me she thought she could fix what was ailing my car so I drove up to their house and while one good friend (Trish) fixed my car, her partner, my other good friend (KJ) did a lot of fixing of my heart (I walked in and said “my heart got an owie last night”).

Keep on keepin’ on.  My friend died.  My former sweetheart felt compelled to add insult to injury at the benefit concert for my deceased friend.  My car got an owie and so did my heart. 

You’ve had days like this – and worse.  And we all sometimes would just like to say “{insert bad word here} it!” and woe is me.

But I chose today to be with what is – to allow my heart to feel all the heartache that’s been brewing.  To grieve Becky’s passing, to take in the sense of further hurt and to feel the fool.  And to let that not be all that there is.  Because while feeling those feelings and not running away, I was open to Good (one of God’s aliases).  And Good and Love and Kindness were everywhere I looked.  That didn’t bring Becky back or take away the surprising cruelty I encountered last night.  But it put it all in perspective.  And reminded me that rather than “Life sucks!” I can see that “Life is!” – and allow myself to just let it be.

Where do you find God hiding when life feels bleak?  What reminds you to Be Here Now?

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