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Easy stairway to heaven

If spirituality is about a direct connection with God and “knowing where God hides” then I have a very easy way to get there.

Spend time with toddlers and babies.

I have been blessed this weekend to spend time with both my sisters at my youngest sister’s house,  In addition to Pier and  her husband we had 3 of her 4 adult children and spouses and all 4 of her grandchildren (ages 4, 2, 2 and 6 weeks).

I sang “In France they Kiss on Main Street” (a very old Joni Mitchell song) to tiny 6 week old Lucia only because I had previously sung it to her now 6’4″ uncle when he was a wee baby (Lucia liked it more than Jonah did – he yowled, she smiled). 

I looked into her oceanic eyes and saw exactly what the Universe is made of – God and love and unity.  Clear as a bell.

So if you’re wondering where God lives, grab a baby, or play “Talk” with a 4-year old (you get two toy trucks and have a conversation between them) or watch a 2-year old boy do his rendition of “Stomp” or enjoy the entreaties of a very earnest little 2-year-old girl as she says “try on your new soft socks, Gaa” wanting her grandmother to enjoy the birthday gift from her family.

God doesn’t hide very far from us at all.  I didn’t go to church today, but I sure had a good time with God at my sister’s birthday party.

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